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The case specific nature of our interventions requires a different treatment plan for each family we work with. Sometimes more than one approach can be helpful in dealing with a situation. We have an intake process that includes phone contact, interviews, and collecting information that will help us make recommendations to you in the formulation of your treatment plan. It also helps us make referrals if the needs of your family do not fit into our scope of practice. Further, it gives you the information you need to make an informed consent to treatment. Below is an outline of a typical intake process. Yours will be similar. Following that you will find a link to various forms that are informative. You may be asked to complete and submit any or all or these forms. Please do not submit unless we request that you do so.

For information please contact our Executive Assistant Alicia White at (707) 237-5330 or Or go to the contact page on this website and complete the form.


Our referrals frequently, but not always, come to us with a Court Order in place or at least in the works. The families that are self-referred are less common, but subject to the same process. Our referrals come by phone, email, or through our website. Once that contact is made, a typical intake procedure for families (with shared decision making) is as follows:

Initial Contact:
– Administration sends preliminary paperwork (Authorization for Release of Information, Workshop Terms, a Time for Families informational guide, and Workshop Guidelines) to the inquirer on an informational basis only.
– An informational call with administration is provided upon request to answer logistical questions. If there are specific clinical questions about the TF Family Reunification workshops, then a short orientation call is scheduled with members of our clinical team.
– If you wish to secure a date for services, please return the Initial Paperwork as directed with a 25% deposit.

Clinical Intake:
– TF will begin to formulate a case specific approach for your particular family situation in order to determine the basic outline for the program (including consideration for services through Transitioning Beyond, see This may include phone calls with previously and currently involved professionals as well as a review of pertinent documents such as a court order, a custody evaluation, etc… At any point during this Intake process, please notify us of any new Court Order or of any stipulation between the parents. At this time, both parents will be brought into the process if possible (if this has not already happened).
– Final paperwork will be forwarded to the appropriate parties (Release of Liability, Office Policies, etc.). This will usually include both parents if possible whether or not they are both participating in the workshop. These will be returned to, or by mail as requested.
– TF Team will review all intake paperwork.
– Once it is clear that a family will be attending a Family Reunification Workshop, and if the appropriate paperwork and deposit are submitted and complete, the administrator will schedule comprehensive phone interviews between clinical staff and both parents. Additional calls may include, but are not limited to, GALs, therapists, case managers, etc.
– Administration will be in contact with the parent/parents participating in the Family Workshop to assist them with logistics such as accommodations, culinary preferences or restrictions, and any assistance the family requires.
– Final payment is due one week prior to attendance.
– Orientation calls with children are scheduled some time during the week prior to the workshop. This will enable us to answer any questions or address any concerns he/she may have regarding what his/her experience may look like at the Family Workshop.


– As stated in all our documents, the intake process is, like the program itself, very case specific. The process will vary due to the specifics of the family situation, due to the nature of a Court Order, or at the discretion of the TF clinical team.
– It is a standard of procedure of TF to have two clinicians on all clinical calls.