In conjunction with The JAYC Foundation we are looking forward to the release of a new educational video produced by the Foundation and the Red Barn of Leeds, Alabama. The video is entitled Communication and Mental Health Disorders in Children Involved with Law Enforcement. Contributors have been Temple Grandin, Brett Sackett, and others. The goals of this video are 1) To increase and improve communication and contact between children with communication and mental disorders and law enforcement; 2) To inform law enforcement officers about various physical, mental and emotional disabilities; 3) To decrease instances of police mistreatment of those with disabilities; and 4) To improve the lives of children with disabilities by promoting awareness and safe int reactions with the law enforcement community. This project has been completed with the aid of a grant from the Child Welfare Foundation of the American Legion. The video will be available for download on the website of the JAYC Foundation soon. This will an exciting educational tool for training.