March 17-19, 2017 found the Team at Transitioning Families providing Advanced Training for Mental Health and Family Law Practitioners to a group of ten professional colleagues from the Chicago area. This training included an overview and development of TFTRM as it applies to complex case scenarios, and focused on encouraging the group to form a team of their own for collaboration, consultation, and communication, all required for the effective treatment for families in their area. The team was led by Dr. Rebecca Bailey and included Dr. Frank Davis, Jane F. Dickel, LCSW, and Cynthia Psaila, LMFT. The training included lively discussions about how teams can be formed, how the concept of a team can avoid compassion fatigue, and especially on how a team approach can be more effective and even gratifying for the clinicians. The group left with new energy, enthusiasm, and practical strategies to deal with this population. They reported that the training had helped them re-formulate their approach to reunification cases and are planning to design a protocol for forming a team in their area.